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    Spicy chicken steak with asparagus and new potatoes.

    2 850 Ft

    Fresh spring garnish with asparagus and french fries. We offer this alongside the chicken steak, which is made even more appealing with a lemon garlic sauce.


    Singapore chicken

    2 250 Ft

    Singaporean chicken is a delicious and healthy pasta dish filled with vegetables. It’s easy to make and just like what you would with a chopstick from this little white takeaway box.

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    Bourbon chicken with jasmine rice

    2 250 Ft

    Fast, delicious and spicy: this is the Bourbon chicken. Unfortunately we can not tell the secrets of fast souse of the chicken, but the bourbon sauce that is toasted is a reflection of the genius of the chicken. Serve with jasmine rice.


    Chicken spinach paleo ravioli

    1 850 Ft

    Ravioli with a little screw. Ravioli was originally a great Italian stuffed pasta. We changed the dough to zucchini and folded ravioli from it. The filling creates chicken and spinach, a wonderful overall effect, a heavenly composition with the spinach pesto. Bellissima! 🙂

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