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    Beef Tatar with Toast

    3 950 Ft

    The origin of this special dish is unknown. Nowadays, from finely chopped or minced raw beef. We chose the tenderloin because it is the most delicious of it.


    Goat cheese tilapia with tabulé

    3 450 Ft

    The table is a characteristic of Arabic cuisine. Meaning to flavor, season. Among other vegetables, such as tomatoes, parsley and mint are a must-have ingredient. As a parsley salad in Arabic cuisine, it offers a good deal of greens. In Europe, more Bulgarians are being mixed in and served as a side dish, as we have done. An easy, refreshing main course to accompany goat cheese tilapia.


    Tuscan Pork Chops

    2 850 Ft

    A tuscan kitchen passphrase can be: simple and easy! The Tuscan cuisene based on simple, but excellent ingredients like Chefbag’s Tuscan pork chops.

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    Barbecue Pork Tenderloin

    3 150 Ft

    The barbecue sauce is a root of the american cuisine. Depending on the coating (before or after the roasting) there are plenty of types. Our barbecue sauce is flavorful, sweet and savory flavors are in harmony.


    Gift Card

    5 000 Ft20 000 Ft

    Surprise your friends with the joy of cooking! Show them how to make super meals from prepared ingredients without shopping. Perfect choice for all ages!

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    Stuffed mushrooms with parmesan

    1 850 Ft

    With this recipe, the stuffed mushrooms have moved to a higher level in the ranking of delicious foods. This is the new trend in the world of stuffed mushrooms: ricotta, parmesan, vegetables, marinara sauce.

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    Chicken spinach paleo ravioli

    1 850 Ft

    Ravioli with a little screw. Ravioli was originally a great Italian stuffed pasta. We changed the dough to zucchini and folded ravioli from it. The filling creates chicken and spinach, a wonderful overall effect, a heavenly composition with the spinach pesto. Bellissima! 🙂

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