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    Beef Tatar with Toast

    3 950 Ft

    The origin of this special dish is unknown. Nowadays, from finely chopped or minced raw beef. We chose the tenderloin because it is the most delicious of it.


    Tilapia fillet with messenian mashed potatoes

    2 850 Ft

    The tilapia fillet is floured a bit and seasoned with grated lemon zest and lemon juice. The Kalamata olives typical of the region were used to make the mashed potatoes from the Far East. Kalamata perfectly enhances the taste of mashed potatoes and fits perfectly with lemon tilapia.


    Gift Card

    5 000 Ft20 000 Ft

    Surprise your friends with the joy of cooking! Show them how to make super meals from prepared ingredients without shopping. Perfect choice for all ages!

    The gift card can be sent to several recipients at the same time, timed, via the Chefbag system. On the checkout page, you can set the exact time for sending the gift card, as well as enter the email address of the recipients and the personal message to them. Gift cards are virtual and will be sent at the specified time after purchase. If required, we will also send the gift voucher in printable (PDF) format. Coupons are valid for 60 days from the date of order.

    IMPORTANT! The coupons can only be used automatically if the recipient email address is the same with the registered one. Otherwise, please contact us.


    Meatballs a’la Mamma

    2 350 Ft

    Spaghetti, delicious Parmesan meatballs, tomato sauce … this meatballs are a’la Mamma, which can not be missed by any chef’s repertoire either. Thanks for Italian cuisine, a great combination!


    Tenderloin fajita with guacamole

    4 850 Ft

    Fajita is delicious from any grilled meat, we like tenderloin fajita. The juicy strips of Tenderloin mixed with vegetables, garnished with guacamole, create a real Mexican atmosphere. Hmm .. in addition to mariachi music, it could also be a UNESCO cultural heritage site.