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    Chimicurri tenderloin steak with goat cheese & grilled vegetables

    3 750 Ft

    Chimichurri could be called Argentine pesto or Argentine bbq. Served mainly with steaks. There are many stories about the origin of the name, the most likely being is a misstranslation of an English phrase.

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    Beef Tatar with Toast

    2 850 Ft

    The origin of this special dish is unknown. Nowadays it is made of finely-cut or minced raw beef. We chose the loin because it is the finest.


    Harissa Beef Patties

    1 850 Ft

    The harissa is a Middle-East flavoring. A hot peper souce mixed with garlic, tomatoe, cumin, coriander and oil. Racy african meet balls served with sweet potatoes.