Goat cheese tilapia with tabulé

Cooking time

35 min

880 kcal


Difficult level



What we send:

  • tilapia filets
  • bulgur
  • goat cheese
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini
  • spring onion
  • red onion
  • lemon
  • fresh parsley
  • fresh mint
  • worcester sauce
  • craft butter
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil

Required tools:

  • large pan
  • mixing bowl
  • grater


Goat cheese tilapia with tabulé

1. Ingredients

Előfordulhat, hogy a párától nedvesek lesznek az alapanyagok, a húsok levet engedhetnek, ha ilyet tapasztalsz, egy papírtörlővel töröld szárazra azokat.

Vágd a paradicsomot egy, a cukkínit fél centis kockákra, a lilahagymát, újhagymát szeleteld fel. A fűszernövényeket pedig aprítsd össze. A sajtot reszeld le.

Chefbag - Feta sajttal töltött paprika sült zöldséges bulgurral

2. Tabule

Put the bulgur in a strainer wash it with cold water, then drip it off. Fry in some heated oil, salt, pepper and add warm water equal to twice the amount of bulgur. Wait until it boils, then cover and cook over low heat. It will be ready sooner than the rice when it has boiled the water, take it off the fire and set aside covered.

Fry the zucchini in a pan with a little olive oil. When done, mix the bulgur with spring onions, green spices, and a quarter of the tomato in a mixing bowl.

Goat cheese tilapia with tabulé

3. Onion

Heat the butter in a pan. Put the red onion in it and brown it over medium heat. When done, take it out of the pan.

4. Tilapia

Put the tilapia fillets in the pan and fry both sides over medium heat for approx. 3 minutes. When fried, add the worchester sauce, the remaining tomatoes and red onions. Boil together.

Goat cheese tilapia with tabulé

5. Serving

Put the tilapia fillets on the onion tomato ragout and sprinkle with grated cheese. All that’s left to receive the compliments.

Enjoy your meal!

Attention! The portions of the spices are relative, can be reduced or increased according to taste. Cooking time may vary depending on experience.

The recipe description is for 2 servings.