Sült pisztráng Waldorf salátával

/ only an even number of servings can be ordered /

Cooking time

850 kcal


Difficult level



Fried trout with Waldorf salad - Chefbag

What we send:

  • trout
  • aple
  • celery stalk
  • walnut
  • garlic
  • lemon
  • cream
  • mayonnaise
  • fresh parsley
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

Required tools:

  • 2 pcs mixing bowl
  • oven tray
  • oven


Fried trout with Waldorf salad - Chefbag

1. Pác

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Wash and dry the fish and vegetables. Chop the parsley and garlic, mix in a bowl with the extra virgin olive oil, half the pepper and salt. You can also add one or two teaspoons of lemon juice to taste.

Fried trout with Waldorf salad - Chefbag

2. Pisztráng

Use a sharp knife to cut both sides of the trout, approx. with 6-7 cuts. Salt the fish with the remaining half of the salt, then rub the marinade inside and out. It gets into the injected parts as well as the belly, it will taste really good. Put the fish in a baking tray and put it in the oven. It’s done in 15 minutes, and if you dip it in with oily pickles everywhere on the outside, it won’t even stick there.

Fried trout with Waldorf salad - Chefbag

3. Waldorf saláta

Peel an apple, grate it and squeeze the lemon juice. Strip or circle the celery stalks. The nutshell breaks rough, but you can leave a few eyes whole. Mix with mayonnaise and cream, pepper to taste.

Fried trout with Waldorf salad - Chefbag

4. Tálálás

Put the salad on the plate and “bed” it for the trout.

Enjoy your meal!

Attention! The portions of the spices are relative, can be reduced or increased according to taste. Cooking time may vary depending on experience.